Happy 10th birthday Khalid! His mum, Aishat Raji, has taken to her Instagram page to wish her son well as he adds to his age today. The actress/filmmaker also prayed for her son wishing him good health and wealth.

She wrote:

My son is+1 say him a big prayers

MA jere Omo mii lase Olorun Oba 🙏iku ojiji koni gba e lowo mii 🙏

Aishat also had words in the caption of another post she shared writing;

Happy Birthday ATANDA️ TEMI NIKAN Watching u grown has been d best tin dat ever Happened 2 me🙏👌 I had a life before u walked into my life but u make it more peaceful and beautiful 🙏🏻🤞🏻 So on ur Birthday and always✌️👌 I wish u a laughter dat will last forever🙏 and a life tym dat is full of Allah🙏✌️ May u never be denied or replaced among ur peers and May i never hv no reason mourn over u🙏✌️ U will never be denied of ur Birth right 🙏 nd may u live longer and Stronger 2 Accomplish ur mission in life🙏🙏 MUMMY LOVES YOU SO MUCH DARLING SON❣️❣️❣️

See the photos below;

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