“Please we need help, many Nigerians are suffering” – Actress Biola Adebayo cries out

Nollywood actress Biola Adebayo has written an open letter to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, Yemi Osibajo, Lagos State Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu and other prominent politicians about the rising case of hunger in the country.

In a lengthy post shared Biola Adebayo said that an average Nigerian can’t afford basic amenities and food is extremely expensive in Nigeria.

Biola Adebayo averred that the masses are suffering and can’t afford to eat well or eat at all however not everyone would want to leave the country as she questioned who these political leaders would govern if everyone decides to leave Nigeria.

The actress revealed that she is always afraid to open her direct message because of the number of people asking for help as she call on the president to look into the hunger situation ravaging the country.

Every time I look at my driver (who is not a driver but a brother, a family) I keep wondering how he survives on 50K salary as a family man (I just have to share what I have over and over again) some don’t even earn that much or the people that live on the minimum wage of 30k. The truth is an average Nigerian can’t even afford basic amenities…Food is extremely expensive in Nigeria.

With due respect sirs/ma, @presidentmumbai @profosinbajo @jidesanwoolu @abi_olusanya Dr Mohammed Abubakar food is too expensive, the masses are suffering, many people can’t afford to eat well or even eat at all. Some of us don’t want to live abroad, we want to live in Nigeria. I had the opportunity of living in America, Canada, UK and so on but I choose to live here but the economy is frustrating us if we all run abroad, who will you govern?

People are willing to run to as close as Ghana Haba! A lot of Nigerians has become a begger. I know some people are perpetual beggars but some don’t wish but apparently, they are without a choice. I’m so scared to open my dm, my dm is filled with messages of people asking for help…I sincerely wish I could guys right now my expenses is higher than my income and I’m trying to cut cost too. I’m really sorry.

In summary, my dear president @presidentmumbai there’s so much suffering in the land, please sir, start from food, a lot of people are hungry and they need help. God bless you as you critically look into this.

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