“Please stop using my name to fight anybody on social media”- Toyin Abraham issues warning

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has issued a stern warning for the 5th time, begging people to stop using or mentioning her name to fight anybody on social media.

She further said, she won’t hesitate to take legal action against anybody that mentions her name in any brouhaha on social media.

In her word, she wrote:

Hello General Public,

I am sure you are aware this is the 5th time I am issuing a disclaimer. I have done a written post 3 times, I did a video this morning and I am doing it again.

The reason I am doing this is because I am a peacemaker and want peace to reign. I hardly fight and I hardly throw tantrums. I work with organisations that preach peace so I am always for peace.

Please I am begging the general public, please stop using my name, TOYIN ABRAHAM Ajeyemi, to fight anybody.

PLEASE EVERYONE stop involving children in your battle. Stop bullying children. Do not involve my name in any fight because I will not hesitate to take this up. I have said it again and again so when I take actions, everyone will know that I have tried. And like I said, I am a peacemaker and that is why I am saying this again.

Also, I do not have affiliation with any speaker on Facebook. It is normal to appreciate people that appreciates your job nothing more. Please stop using my name where I am not concerned.
Thank you so much.

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