“Osun State University Final year Student allegedly Sh0t and Set Ablaz£ for refusing to Join ¢ult

Victor Oke, a final-year political science student at Osun State University, was allegedly shot, stabbed with matchets, and set on fire by suspected cultists for refusing to join a fraternity.

In a statement released on Monday, December 13, the University’s Public Relations Officer, Ademola Adesoji, confirmed the occurrence.

“We found Victor was missing his final paper in the afternoon and contacted his parents.” He was attacked by unknown cultists in the early hours of Saturday, it was later learned.

Victor was screaming that he would not join their cult while they proceeded to beat him with cutlasses, hard stones, and attempted to burn him, which they partially succeeded in doing before he was saved.

The university’s security staff is presently collaborating with the police to guarantee that the perpetrators are identified and prosecuted. He stated, “The cults must be apprehended.”

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