Sensational singer, Ayo Balogun popularly known as Wizkid has said that it is only a stupid man that goes around trying to prove a point to the world.

According to Wizkid in a recent interview with ThisDay Style, it is only a stupid man will go around trying to prove a point to the world and even at that, you’ll find that you can’t please everyone, that you cannot live off of people’s opinions.
Speaking further, the 30-year-old said;

“I think once you understand yourself and your true essence, nothing will faze you, people’s opinions won’t faze you. I’m just more of a private person, and I handle situations in that manner.”

See some comments this generated on social media below;

@tbellz07 wrote “This guy had PhD in ignoring sha. He will ignore you to the extent that you’d actually start to doubt your own existence… It didn’t happen overnight though. I think it started after his big fight with Linda ikeji many years back.”

@ugxnma_ wrote “Well said, my guy. People that hate you will hate you, and people that love you will love you. Know this and know peace”

@thebudgetshop_ wrote “This guy is matured. You can’t help but love him”

@official_dota_of_obi wrote “An old man living in a young man’s body! A king I St”

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