Jigan Baba Oja who is an actor and is also known for for always putting up fight with people in the videos he uploads on his Instagram page seems to have done too much when he called out the veteran actor, Taiwo Hassan Ogogo to a fight.

Jigan Baba Oja has been seen in several videos trying to fight other actors who come his way, even if he won’t be able to handle them. This time, he tried to fight the action packed veteran actor who is known for acting as a powerful man in movies.

Ogogo who is a well built man seemed to have gotten infuriated in the video as he dragged Jigan all over the place and beat Jigan Baba Oja till others came to his aid and pleaded on his behalf.

Aside being an actor, Taiwo Hassan Ogogo revealed in an interview how he loves boxing and truly, he has also been seen in a movie where he acts as a boxer.

Watch the video below;

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