“Now Listen, God Is Not A Magician, You Have To Prepare For Your Time” – Actor, Lateef Adedimeji

Adetola Abdullateef Adedimeji more popularly known as Lateef Adedimeji, is steady on the rise. His words are taken more seriously these days and his fans appreciate the advice he usually shares via social media.

He recently had words of inspiration for his millions of fans across the world. However, he warned that God is not a magician therefore, people have to prepare for their time.

He wrote:

“Hello everyone and welcome to another working week, we have a mark to make, so shall we?

“It’s important for me to remind everyone that under the sun, there’s time for everything, my prayer to you is that you will never miss your time

“You may have worked so hard all year long and you’re wondering why you don’t have huge results for it yet? Maybe your time is just around the corner…

“You’ve been eyeing a contract or an opportunity, you may even have invested heavily and you’re scared already… maybe your time is just around the corner.

“You think you’re or age and you can’t smell marriage at all, well I’m here to tell you today that when it’s your time, ain’t nothing stopping your day of joy.

“Now listen, God is not a magician, you have to prepare for your time, such that when it comes you won’t be the problem, for there’s time for everything, it may be delayed, but never denied!

“It’s time for us to go make some huge marks, let’s go do it! Have a mind blowing week and remember… it is what it is”.

Peep the post below.

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