Nollywood Actress Toyin Abraham Writes Letter To VP – “Dear Yemi Osinbajo”

Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham has written an open letter to Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo regarding the ongoing EndSARS protest.

She noted that the government has the capacity to put an end to the struggles of Nigerians with immediate effect, hence there’s no need for the call of a long term plan.

Toyin Abraham

She explained that the citizens were tired of the same, recycled old lies fed them and are now demanding for a thorough change in the system.

In the letter to Yemi Osinbajo, she wrote, “Daddy E kååro sir. $é dåadåa le ji? kü ise sir. Daddy, we have read your message, but sir, the change we want cannot be deferred! The change we desire is now sir, and we know that the government is capable of making it happen right NOW!!!

“For donkey’s years, we have tolerated the government’s nonchalance towards us, and as a people, we have also learnt to push through many failed promises of this present government, but sir, lowo ti a wåyi, o ti to ge. Enough is enough sir! Kö to se bi Owe Daddy, ti e bå sün ééyån kan ögiri, ögiri yen kojü si yin sir. We are tired, exhausted and have had enough sir! – of repeated statements and promises like “work is ongoing.”

Toyin Abraham

Sir, I am Nigerian, this is my home, home to my son, my daughter, my husband, my family, my fans, and millions of other Nigerians. This is where I made name, this is where I return no matter where I go, and Sir, shouldn’t I shouldn’t be deeply enraged by what’s going on in this country?

“We know how you people come to us when you need our votes, whether to influence it, buy it or even get it by sheer conviction and trust, but right now sir, it’s no longer up to you to tell us when and where we’ll be heard sir, many young lives have been unjustly wasted, and the souls of our departed heroes must count for something.

“His Excellency sir @profosinbajo we want tangible actions. Daddy, why is the IGP not answering questions by now if you mean business? Anyways, here is an open letter for your kind consideration sir, and just so you know daddy, we are not violent, we are just peacefully protesting.”

See the letter below

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