Tobi Awosoga, the multi talented Nollywood/Yoruba Actress definitely need no introduction in the movie industry,she has been in the make believe world for a while now,Her interpretation of various roles over time while now,Her interpretation of various roles over time makes you willing to suspend your disbelief and enjoy what is a great theatrical experience.

The actress Celebrates her daughter’s birthday today sharing the post on her Instagram page the actress wrote;

I bless God for all the joy you have brought to me; for the positive change your birth brought into my life and the SAMALICE clan; and for all that you were, you are and forever will be to me. I thank God for giving me one of the best gifts of life, YOU!I pray for you, my darling CRYSTAL, that your days on earth will be long and richly blessed.
Your life WILL be filled with goodness and grace of God divine.
You WILL earn the favour of God and man.
Your good purpose on earth WILL be fulfilled.
No evil WILL befall you.
No harm WILL come to you.
You WILL walk and never stumble.
The spirit of God divine WILL forever dwell with you.
Wisdom, knowledge and understanding WILL never depart from you.
You WILL enjoy good health.
You WILL know no sorrow.
Your faith in God WILL never be shaken.
I WILL have no reason to weep or be sad over you.
You WILL never be put to shame.
Your success WILL never be delayed.
Your hope in God WILL never be shattered.
You trouble waters WILL be still.
No turmoil nor obstacle WILL triumph over you.
You WILL excel in everything good, positive and Godly.
You WILL grow to be a never drying source of joy to me, your father, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews, your generation, everyone around you and humanity.
Devil WILL have no space in your life.
Everything that comes to you WILL bring you satisfying joy and gladness.

Omo ola
Omo oro
Omo Olowu Oduru
Omo omitutu tii jo’ni faifai
Omo baarije, awo laa mo
Omo eleyinkule a de gbúre
Omo iku npa ‘ni a n fi
Omo aje de
Omo aje bo
Omo aje re gun
Omo Atunbi Olu
Omo Olu Iwa
Omo BabaMama loves you now till forever.
Happy Birthday Ibereolaayomi💋💋

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