A fast-rising Nollywood actor, fashion designer and model, David Mela is reportedly dead.

He died last night battling an unknown illness.

Friends of the actor have flooded his social media page to wish him farewell. 

A friend, Itz Atagher Hardin Pee while lamenting over his death, wrote:

“Hard to believe you’re gone sir, but Indeed you’ve part away from us! I’m in deep grieve& my heart is pained, to say!Rip… Mela David Mela Mela david mela”

 A quick check on the Facebook page of the Benue-born entertainer showed that he had in November posted that he went through hell.

He didn’t give details of what he went through but his friends were sending him words of encouragements in the need not to give up.

Some of his posts also suggested that he suffered betrayal by friends.

He wrote, “Been through hell but I’m still here. How is everyone.”

“I’m so tired of being nice when I can be your worst nightmare. Mad people only in Lagos”

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