Popular Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa took to her official Instagram page to disclose some of the vows she made in the year 2021.

According to the plus-size actress, although she did not make any new year resolution, she has promised herself to stop living in someone’s shadow, to understand her self worth and lots more.

Read all Dayo’s vows below;


I promise to live by my rules

I promise to understand my self worth⠀

I promise to stop living in someone’s shadow or comparing myself to others⠀

I promise to love who I am AS I am⠀

I promise to stop criticising and start appreciating my body⠀

I promise to prioritise my mind and mental well-being!⠀

I promise to challenge and push myself past any limiting beliefs I once had⠀

I promise to be the best version of ME

I promise to do ME and just ME

Yours Truly …. #TAO #MillionShadesofTAO #dayoamusa #adufe #temidayo”

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