Ninalowo Bolanle Trends As Ikorodu Bois Imitates A ‘Mystery’ Nollywood Actor (video)

Sensational Nollywood actor, Ninalowo Bolanle aka Nino B or Makanaki is currently trending on the microblogging and social networking service, Twitter as the Ikorodu Bois have again done what they are best known for — imitation.

The Ikorodu Bois put up a video on their Twitter and Instagram pages, asking their fans to guess who was being imitated in the video.

One of the boys could be seen in a blue outfit and dark shades, strolling on his way to a film location and gym. It didn’t take tweeps long before they responded to the video, saying the actor is Ninalowo Bolanle.

Ikorodu Bois had captioned the video:

“Guess the celebrity

Hint: he’s an actor”

See video below:

The Ikorodu Bois is a Nigerian online comedy group that recreates and mimics multi-million dollar music videos, Nollywood actors, celebrities, Hollywood movie trailers and epic pictures.

Ikorodu Bois comprises three siblings namely, Babatunde Sanni, Muiz Sanni, Malik Sanni, and their cousin, Fawas Aina.

The three young boys are usually involved in the acting of the videos while their eldest brother, Babatunde Sanni does the editing of the videos. He also doubles as the group’s manager.

The group makes use of common household items to depict top gears used in movies. Popular among these items is the use of local wheelbarrows to replicate luxury cars.

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