Nigerians respond to comedian Basket Mouth’s cry as estate company defraud him of N32 million

Nigerians have reacted to the cry of famous Nigerian stand up comedian Charles Okpocha, popularly known as Basket Mouth.

Basket Mouth took to social media to bemoan the huge loss he faced with an estate in Nigeria. The proud father of three announced his issue with an estate 14 years ago, after making a N32 million naira down payment for a house.

Narrating the details regarding the controversy, Basket Mouth sought advice from Nigerians, asking if he should speak up or continue to wait patiently.

Basket Mouth wrote: “I put a N32 million down payment for a house in Prime Water View Estate 14 yrs ago.

They had some issues with the bank funding the project that landed both parties in court. After the matter was resolved I started hearing all sorts of stories concerning the delivery of the house and the refund.

14 yrs later, I’m yet to get my refund, house or even BQ sef. If I call this man/company out now, do you think I waited long enough?”

Celebrities including Omwunmi, Orezi, I go save, Deejay Neptune, Ebiye Victor, Cobhams Asuquo, Richard Nnadi, Fliptyce, among a host of other fans of Basket Mouth, urged him to speak up about the issue.

omawonder: Na VUVUZELA you suppose use call them/him out

igosave: 1. If you sue this pure water company; Court will start their magic ADJOURNMENT! 2. If you physically be@t them; They will sue you for ass@ult and court will decide that fast. 3. If you request refund for the current worth of 35M 14 years ago, snake might have swallowed it! SO JUST CALL THEM OUT OR DRAG DREM LIKE SMALL GENERATOR!

deejayneptune: Baba patience don over due.. 14 years pikin don almost dey enter University.. Call the mofo out

comedianebiye: Jesus you’ve over waited

matthewohio: Brother , 80% of these real estate developers are all scammers … Instead of moving into your Ikoyi apartment you will move into Ebutte Metta Magistrate court

cobhamsasuquo: that’s about 140 million going by the current Dollar to Naira rate, minus interest if na investment, minus damages emotional and otherwise. This calls for community dragging. I ready do jingle if you like. Nonsense!!!

dukeofspadess: 14yr old child fit cross road by himself o abi you wan wait till the pikin fit vote before you drag them

officialdjnanya: 32 million?! And you waited 14 years?! If I no call am out 14 minutes after that down payment on Facebook that Year call me baskad!

demidaphoenix: Would they have given you 14years to complete payment?

fliptyce: That’s like $228,571 back then o

They need to pay interest rate o.

officialdjnanya: 32 million?! And you waited 14 years?! If I no call am out 14 minutes after that down payment on Facebook that Year call me baskad!

dandy_g: This is not funny at all… You need to charge this to court #asap!

drkei69: 32mill 14 years ago is approximately 120k pounds and just below 40k pounds today

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