The Award winning Nollywood actress, a producer, an entrepreneur the CEO of Aolat hair, Aolat skincare and Aolat wellness home Aolat Ayonimofe shared the secret behind her hard-working and success, she revealed that she really suffered when her ex-husband divorced her,the man took away everything from her and it really pained her because she depended on him, she almost commit suicide only by God’s grace she lives today and ever since then she vowed to work harder and never to depend on any man before doing anything around 2017 the suffering was much that only few people she mentioned assisted her then and one of them gave her the sum of 150,000 to rent a room apartment at Bariga..

Apart from acting, Aolat is also into organic products, she sells body glowing product and hair products and she has been successful in what she does.

She came into limelight after the production of her movie “Aolat” where she featured Odunlade Adekola and many others.

Aolat now owns a landed property and her own personal car.

Recall recently that she bought a brand new car for her brother who’s also a Nollywood actor famous for the role of herbalist in movies “Olohuniyo”. She bought him the car because he is a known face and do mount on bike anytime he’s going out which is proper enough.

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