‘My darling future inlaws must be pretty, handsome and troublesome like me’ Actress Iyabo Ojo

Controversial Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has sent criteria to those interested in marrying any of her children.

Sharing photos of her children on Instagram, Iyabo Ojo said they are very gentle, respectful and well mannered grown babies.

According to Iyabo Ojo, her future inlaws must be pretty, handsome and troublesome because she wants her future grandkid to slay with her.

She wrote: My gentle, respectful, well mannered grown babies I’ll see you both soon, we’re painting turkey 🇹🇷 red.

IMPORTANT INFO………………………. Please, my darling future inlaws from both sides must be pretty, handsome & have small ijogbon bcos i want some future ijogbon cute grand kids to slay with me….

@festo_baba & @its.priscy they just toooo cool for my liking. My happy place ……..

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