Yoruba Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa has given reasons why most people will not give support until they see that it is becomes popular.

According to Dayo, it is a sad fact but it is very true because people see each other as a competition.

In her words;

“Most people won’t support you until they see it’s popular to support you”.

I Came across this quote and it had me thinking how true this is. Definitely a sad fact but true. Why must everything be a competition or why must everything be a popularity contest..
Over the last few years I have been working on one goal and one goal only. To humble myself in the best way I know how. Not only in real life but on social media as well.

Who am I to deny support when all it takes is a click of button to share a great post, my small owned business or simply a beautiful caption. Of course it has to resonate with me or be something of interest that I believe others would benefit from but who am I really? And who are you? Humbling myself has made me realize things about myself and things about others both close and far. It’s been a hard reality in all honesty.

If I’ve ever supported you, know it had nothing to do with popularity, it had nothing to do with following the trend and definitely had nothing to do with assuming I’d gained anything from you.
I’m not here for the clout .. simply here just trying to be a good human and question my actions on a daily to better myself. Inshallah you do the same… Have a great fulfilling week

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