Mistura Asunmo, Iya 2D: I started playing in 1959 but I didn’t have a single car till now (video)

We don’t have a ‘Pension’ because the day of death on a holiday in the theater – Iya Ika lomo ejo

Do you remember the actor who played an important role in Baba Wande’s play Ika like a snake many years ago?

BBC Yoruba has found the mother who is the mother of the brides who is sending them to the men to go and feed the snake.

Mistura Asunmò, who many call the mother of 2D, explains in detail how she started acting in theater in 1959.

Mistura explains the role of the game in the life of an actor and the challenge that comes from those who make counterfeit tapes that they call ‘Piracy’

Shee talked about what she saw about how people accept actors and how they also attack actors.

There is a problem of not having enough money in the film if someone does it.

He urged the government to stop talking to those who steal the work of artists.

Watch the video below;


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