The most anticipated Holy Month of the muslim faithfuls is finally here. Ramadan is a sacred month where muslims pray to Allah for the forgiveness of their sins and also give alms. This month, muslims are expected to live righteous as they fast and pray to Almighty Allah for his grace upon their lives. Ramadan is a time of reflection and soberness as muslims extend their good deeds to others as there are many blessings that attach to such activities.

Apart from the flamboyant lifestyle of celebrities, they are believed to be religious to some extent. Most Nigerian celebrities believe in the existence of God and they have been observed several times practising a religion. There seems to be no conflict of religion among celebrities as they usually wish one another and fans well during major religious celebrations.

Being that muslim faithfuls have started their Ramadan Fasting , celebrities have began to wish their fans ‘Ramadan Kareem’ on their various Instagram pages. Irrespective of their religious beliefs, some celebrities have posted lovely prayer wishes at the start of Ramadan on their pages. Laide Bakare, Dayo Amusa, Nkechi Blessing, Toyin Abraham are among celebrities who have sent their Ramadan wishes to their followers. It may interest you to check out the posts below:

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