“Meet Actress Tayo Odueke And Her 24 Years Old Daughter, Chef Naomi.

Tayo Odueke, a talented Nigerian Yoruba actress, has a lovely daughter named Naomi. She just celebrated her 24th birthday two days ago. Tayo Odueke, an actress, has taken on the role of both father and mother to her daughter since she was a newborn. Naomi Odueke and Tayo Odueke have a striking resemblance.
Tayo Odueke is known for showing off her daughter on her social media pages. Her daughter is her dearest friend and soulmate, she has repeatedly stated to her fans. Tayo Odueke is one of our most talented actresses. She is a multi-talented actor, producer, brand ambassador, and filmmaker. Tayo Odueke, also known as Sikiratu Sindodo, is a Nigerian actress who was born on February 21, 1976. Naomi is her only child, and she is a single mother. At the age of 21, this sultry actress gave birth to her daughter. Tayo Odueke was a Mainland student.

Surulere, Lagos State, has a comprehensive nursery and primary school. She then completed her high school studies at Methodist High School in Yaba, Lagos State. She also completed a two-year theatre art diploma program at the University of Ibadan. She later went to the University of Lagos to pursue Creative Art.
Tayo Odueke has the ability to play any movie character that is offered to her by the producers. Hired Assassin was the first film in which she appeared. Sikiratu Sindodo is the film that catapulted Tayo Odueke to fame. Baba Insurance, Aye Olorogun, and a number of other films are among her credits. Tayo Odueke is a skilled, imaginative, and clever Yoruba actress who has carved out a name for herself in the profession. She has produced at least 18 films, including Ifa, Were Alaso, and Itu, to name a few.

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