“Marriage Is Sweet When You Marry The Right Missing Rib” – Top Fan Tells Mercy Johnson Okojie

This makes a lot of sense as some people hurry into marriage for the wrong reasons and eventually it does not work out.

Pressures arising from late marriage while friends and relatives have tied the knot, age and getting married for all the wrong reasons including for money and fame (as is common among celebs) all contribute to picking the wrong spouse.

“What a happy home! Marriage is sweet when you marry the right missing rib not the wrong ones, some marriages that are having issues are wrong bone that is not corresponding with theirs..more blessings to your house dear.”

Mercy Johnson is married to Prince Odi Okojie. The couple will mark their 11th wedding anniversary later on this year. They are blessed with four lovely kids – Purity, Henry, Angel and Divine-Mercy.

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