“Mama no nonsense” Nigerians react as Iyabo Ojo declares war with Aramide

Nigerians have rallied behind actress, Iyabo Ojo to stand solidly behind her in her fight against her ex friend, Aramide.

Kemi Filani news reported earlier that Iyabo Ojo had gone on Instagram live to fire back at the Aramide Onigbinde for dissing her kids.

For days now, Aramide has been badmouthing the actress and her kids and has been spilling dirts about her.

Aramide, who is the ex wife of oil and gas professional, Orlando Oladoyin took to her Instagram page to take swipe at the talented actress as she claimed that her children are dullards.

The drama began when Iyabo gave a birthday shout out to her ex husband.

According to Gistlover, Aramide had introduced Iyabo to her husband, but since they parted ways, Iyabo has been clinching to her man.

Infuriated by Iyabo’s birthday message to her husband, Aramide took to her Instagram page to spill dirt’s about her and her kids.

In retaliation, Iyabo fired back at her for including her children in the drama.

The no nonsense mother of two promised to come for her without backing down.

She revealed how Aramide always fought her husband and her mother in law and yet still plead for forgiveness.

Iyabo recounted how she played the role of an intermediary in 2019 when the couple had a huge fight and how she stood behind Aramide to make sure her marriage worked.

Iyabo disclosed that the marriage failed because Aramide chose fame over her marriage.

Iyabo promised to give her drama and at the same time make her famous.

“You come for my kids, I will come for you one million times, I will give you drama I will make you famous Aramide…..

I did this video last night….& I hope you get the memo……

I will give you back to back trust me…..”.

Many of Iyabo’s fans all took to the comment section to commend her.

Kemi Filani gathered some reactions below,

prettielami : Mama d Mama

tiffneydeoallure : Ose jare Iyabo I don’t play with my kids as well

mohcuttie_ : Aunty Iyabi walai I love yoy

aeclothing_104_nigeria : I trust yiu iysexy I remember it 2019 you stood by her

zainabzakari8 : Mami level pass level joor….you no be their mate, them they learn work….abeg rest

mzz_pinkie : I love you diiiieeeeeee Mama No nonsense

bolatito_ I watched this live last night to be realistic, involving her kids is absolutely wrong, I said what I said, she didn’t involve your own kids and be saying all sort of negative words to her children, haba! What’s wrong, is wrong!!!! Mamii level pass level o jare, you are not in the same level with them leave headache for who get ham you are a WINNER already!!! You are STRONG And no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper love you

bakareyetty : Blunt Queen have spoken you come for my child….you’ll face the consequences! No it’s only a coward that attacks children when fighting with the parent!

adesewa_king : The way she said u are a failure got me rolling

topshowtrendzy : My no nonsense woman

biyedi_paul : No chills

thecutedhamie : We love you love ur beautiful kids”

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