Lola Alao Reveals Why She Still Visit Late Yoruba Actress, Aisha Abimbola’s Graveyard.

Actress Lola Alao told fans of her late colleague Aisha Abimbola’s family members that her kids are in safe hands with her.

The actress has revealed that she is still visiting Aisha ‘s grave with the children of the deceased.

“It has been two years since Aisha passed away but she spent quality time with her kids and had prepared their minds about how life would be when she was no more. I have made it my duty to always fill in the gap as their mother and try to do things that Aisha would have done for them. We still visit her grave and talk about her fondly. I treat Aisha’s children and mine equally. If I was not going to be responsible for them, I would have declined Aisha’s request when she asked me to take up the mantle. But since I had assured Aisha (that I would take care of her children), I have to stand by what I promised her.

“Some people have opined that I should formally adopt the children but I consider them to be mine already. There are some relationships that are as good as being blood-related. They will always be their father’s children, I am just there as their guardian.” she said.

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