Lizzy Anjorin Reveals a Shocking SMS an Anonymous Sent to Her on Toyin Abraham and Son in 2019

Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin has shared a shocking SMS, an anonymous sent to her in 2019, offering to kill Toyin Abraham and her son if she’s ready to pay 500k Naira.

Timeofgist reported earlier that, Lizzy Anjorin comes after a controversial blogger, Esabod, saying she has passed her boundary for lying against her that she (Lizzy) told her to call out Toyin Abraham on social media.

Explaining how she meet Esabod, Lizzy Anjorin reveals that she didn’t know Esabod not until Alfunlanny(an Islamic cleric) contacted her and said Esabod said she should call her.

She further said, she called Esabod, and she told her she’s has been fighting for her and what the evidence she has against Toyin.

“Someone sent a message to, although it might not be Toyin that sent it, I didn’t know maybe the person want to implicate Toyin or myself. I didn’t know who the person want to implicate.

When I saw the message I sent it to someone and the person said, if they injured Toyin, I might be rrest you, it might be a setup, remember someone has had an issue with Toyin and the person is still in prison.

I asked the person for advice and the person said she should come out publicly and tell the whole world she and Toyin has is fighting.

In another video, she said:

I want you all to check the SMS very well, is not about Toyin or me, they want to use it to set me up, they think maybe i will fall into the trap.

Anybody around me that asked me what causes issues between her and Toyin, I used to forward the message to them.

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