Lanre Gentry 4th new wife used to be Mercy Aigbe P.A

It has been revealed that Busayo Gentry, the new wife to Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband, Lanre Gentry, used to work for Mercy Aigbe as her Personal Assistant.

According to kemiashefonlovehaven, Busayo Gentry visited movie locations with Mercy Aigbe several times and she used to help her with luggage and other stuff she needed on set.

Kemiashefonlovehaven blog revealed this while going through Lanre Gentry’s past wives, making Busayo Gentry the 4th wife.

The post read:

Who is Busayo Gentry?

She was once a personal Assistant to Mercy Aigbe.

“She had been on some movie locations with Mercy Aigbe and she helped with her luggage and other stuffs she needed on set. Mercy introduced her as her P.A and she was with her throughout. We were shocked when she was presented as Lanre Gentry’s wife,” sources in the movie industry revealed to Kemi Ashefon.

Another source said, “Busayo had asked Mercy to help bring her on board as an actress because she had always wanted to be an actress. So, she was chatting with Mercy who eventually brought her to some locations.

Busayo cannot deny not having met Mercy or worked as her personal Assistant briefly before she became Lanre Gentry’s fourth wife.”

Meanwhile, Busayo has invaded Kemiashefonlovehaven’s comment section on Instagram to deny ever knowing Mercy Aigbe.

She wrote, “@kemiashefonlovehaven Get your facts right before misleading people wrongly all in the name of blogging. I was never a personal assistant to Mercy Aigbe neither have I met her before nor worked for her and also did I ever work under my present husband. If you need information call me to ask if you are so desperate to know.. Women spoiling women.”

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