KWAM 1 Baby mama and Yoruba Actress, Bisola Badmus pens tearful note to son as he clocks 10 today

Nollywood actress, Bisola Badmus has taken to social media to celebrate her son, Malik whom she had for singer King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall aka KWAM 1, as he clocks 10 today, June 29.

The movie star penned a tearful note to her son, saying it was a rough road playing the role of both parents to her son.

To mark her son’s birthday, Bisola Badmus wrote, “10 years of care, 10 sweet years of looking into those beautiful eyeballs. 10 years of listening to your laughter, 10 years of making your way into the world, 10 years of making me the happiest mother on earth. Your coming to my life comes with joy from above.

“Your existence has melted lots of concrete in my heart. Birthing you was birthing success into the world. The journey was never or it would never be an easy one but you’ve always made it easy by staying strong for me.

“It’s been a rough one from birth talking about the C’s for Eclempsia patient the cuts, the bloods, the stitching of my own body all happening right to my face just to save both lives the pains the rough roads of playing both roles of the parent the silent fries, and the hardest prayers, the hurtful moments, the annoying ones, the frustrating ones, the heartbreaking ones but most especially the grateful moments like today.

“Just like an ocean can’t be measured so is my love for you Oko mi. Just like the soil on earth can’t he counted so is my joy today. Congratulations to me as I wake you up today to a double digit. Almighty God who has been the pillar we stand on shall continue to guide your steps olowo Ori mi you shall succeed in all you do in life.

“Your double digits marks the beginning of double celebration in your life. I shall never weep over you by God’s grace. You’re loved beyond measures Ademi. You’re valued beyond measures. You shall forever mount as the King that you are. Happy 10th birthday my better half,” Bisola Badmus added.

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