Kiriku And Ehen Naw: Two Young Comedians Currently Making Waves In The Entertainment Industry.

A lot of people might not know who Kiriku or “Ehen Naw” is, but in this article I will throw a little light about them and how they’re currently making waves in the entertainment Industry.


Since he was brought into the limelight by Tunde Ednut, 7 years old Kiriku has been doing great things in the entertainment Industry and his comedies are very interesting to watch.

Kiriku is known for carrying a yellow Gucci leather bag in most of his Comedy Skits, and he’s known for saying the word “Abeg shift” at the end of most of his skits which is already like a threadmark for him.

At such a young age, Kiriku already has a lot of followers on social media, and I can only say that he will get better.


He’s called “Ehen Naw” because it was the word he got famous for few years ago. The young Comedian used the World; “Ehen Naw” in a short comedy clip few years ago at the end of the clip and it trended for some time.

“Ehen Naw” is one of the young Comedian currently making a lot of waves in the entertainment industry, as his comedies are very entertaining to watch. He also has a lot of followers already on social media.

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