King Of Boys: How Sola Sobowale Rocked 2021 With Her Fashion Attires

2021 saw the release of different thrilling and exciting movies around the world. The anticipation of amazing movies this year was fueled by the declaration of a lockdown in numerous countries around the world in 2020. The stay-at-home order affected the release dates of many movies. The rampancy of the disease also led to lots of cinemas being closed and many people could not go out to watch movies with their loved ones. Many movies that were expected to be released in 2020 moved their release dates to 2021 and as such 2021 saw the release of many Intriguing movies.

King of Boys: The Return of the King was one of the most anticipated films in the Nigerian film industry, and its release turned out to be one of the year’s most important events. The Nollywood film revolves around a businesswoman, Eniola Salami, who is played by acclaimed actress Sola Sobowale, who returns to Nigeria after a five-year exile with a desire to punish her enemies with cruelty. Kemi Adetiba directed the Nigerian criminal thriller political drama King of Boys: The Return of the King. The film had seven episodes and earned positive reviews and ratings all throughout the country when it was released.
If you enjoy good Nigerian films, and you haven’t seen King Of Boys yet, you must. We all know that one of the most exciting aspects of any film is the costume, and aside from the gripping drama that unfolded in the film, another thing that people who have seen it have noticed is that who paid attention to the movie pointed out was how the movie had an incredible fashion appeal.

Sola Sobowale’s character, Eniola Salami rocked head-turning, elegant and gorgeous pieces of dresses in every scene seen in the movie. Her headpieces were also so on point. Below are some of the outfits created for the powerful Eniola Salami that rocked 2021 and our minds.

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