“Joke Silva makes shocking revelation about being blacklisted in Nollywood”

Joke Silva, a veteran actress, has revealed how she was banned in Nollywood years ago.
During a conversation with media personality Chude Jideonwo, the revered role interpreter revealed this.

“Years ago, we did this picture at a time when marketers were getting engaged in movies,” she says. This marketer came to our house in Ikeja, where we were living at the time, and brought money for my husband and me to come work on this film that they had already begun shooting. And he asked us to play the parents of the film’s star, which we agreed to do. At the time, Fred Amata was the director. We began filming, and things were going well until we were waiting for the lead actress one day. We were told we needed to be on location by 8:00 a.m. We arrived on time, as well.

When the marketer brought the star to the site, I turned around and said to Fred, “I am contracted to work with you for two weeks, and I will give you two additional days because I know what location can be like, and if we don’t finish in those two days, I am walking.” Fred stated, “I completely understand.” I’m sure he didn’t think I’d pull it off.
We still had one scene left after those two days, and it was supposed to be a pivotal sequence in the film. I failed to appear. At the time, the marketer was a big deal. As a result, I was placed on a covert blacklist for quite some time. My contribution was never mentioned, but it was made.

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