It’s disappointing society wants only negative news about celebrity marriages –Foluke Daramola

It’s disappointing society wants only negative news about celebrity marriages –Foluke Daramola

Actress and philanthropist, Foluke Daramola- Salako, and her husband, Kayode, react to viral online reports claiming their marriage is troubled.

I feel so terrible and frustrated when in a society, the only thing we ever want to read about and celebrate is scandal and marriage break-up. I don’t know why some people are just devilish and may be depressed to the extent they feel that there’s a need for them to just sit somewhere and write rubbish at the detriment of someone who has been building her name for a long time. They want to dent my image without thinking of the repercussion of their actions. I think that we’re in a very terrible society where we only celebrate negativity and scandals. I don’t know why some disgruntled elements will just feel a need to want to continue to rubbish and drag my marriage in the mud. It is so preposterous and annoying.

Unfortunately, it is a price to pay for being a celebrity in this part of the world. I grew up understanding the culture and sanctity of marriage. I grew up understanding the reason why one has to be responsible to be in a man’s house. I understand that’s the culture in Nigeria. But in recent times, I found out that there are disgruntled elements who are hell-bent on spoiling a good name for whatever reason. This type of pressure is a bitter sacrifice for an actress like me. When you experience such, even if one is not thinking about breaking up one’s marriage, one might be pressured into doing the wrong things. However, I would not be involved in such an evil conversation. Interestingly, I’m a very resolute and strong-hearted person, and when I have made up my mind about something, especially when my spirit tells me that I am in the right direction, fickle-minded people cannot shake me.

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