‘It really got me’ – Bimbo Thomas reveals how she lost a friend to Plastic surgery

‘It really got me’ – Bimbo Thomas reveals how she lost a friend to Plastic surgery.

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas has expressed her thoughts on the rampant and untimely death caused by plastic surgery.

The multi-talented filmmaker while considering the fact that she just lost a close person said, “It happened recently to someone very close and dear to me, and it really got me. We never discussed what she did, but then, people have right to their choices, and I cannot say why did anybody do whatever they did to themselves. But thank God, since I’m conscious of myself, I have never for once been rejected by anyone.”

Asked if indeed nobody has ever body shamed her, she said, “Yes. It’s always me versus me. I will be the one to see that ‘oh Bimbo, your tummy is becoming big’ and I will work on it. I am very confident in my skin, my size and whatever speaks me.”

Thomas also reiterated that nothing can stop her from acting, even marriage, “I don’t think anything can stop me from acting. I have never pressured myself for anything. I take my time. When I feel I need a break, I take the break, and when I’m back, you won’t even know I ever left.

Even marriage can’t take me off the screen. No! I don’t live my life for anybody; even my son understands that fact. When I’m going to location, he would see me off to the door and wave at me.”.

As beautiful actress, aging gracefully, Bimbo Thomas reveals her beauty routine.

Hear her: “It will look like I’m not being truthful, but seriously, nothing. I’m a lane minder. I deal with my business a lot. I don’t put mouth or eyes in what is not my business. I do gym once in a while. I walk around the estate sometimes and I eat less. I eat fruits, vegetables and take lots of water. God has really been kind to me. I don’t have bruises, even pimples. Bimbo has always had a flawless skin.”

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