Bukola Awoyemi was born in 1988 in Kwara State. Her sojourn into acting began when she was admitted to study Performing Arts at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. … Initially, she wanted to study Mass Communication but she had to settle for Performing Arts. Bukola’s journey into acting hasn’t always being rosy.

It is actually a year since Nollywood actress, Bukola Awoyemi prominently known as Arugba lost her mum.

The Actress took to his Instagram to celebrate her mother’s posthumous birthday sharing the post she wrote;

Happy posthumous birthday to iya mi owon. Mummy , it has not been easy since u left, my priceless gold. Ha!!! mummy, your grand children miss u so much, they won’t stop calling “grandma Ilorin’s name” They wouldn’t stop asking if u would return, they miss your songs and dance, they miss the evening stroll. Sweet mother, last year was tough without their sweet grandma Ilorin, that space was too empty that I unconsciously break down before the kids sometimes, it hurts so much when i feel their tender hands wipe tears off my face, saying “sorry mummy, God will bring your mummy back in Jesus name” Mummy, I say Amen to their innocent prayers even though I know u are already resting in your FATHER’S bossom. It’s a new year, and yet, the feeling is the same. It’s a year and few months since u left Maami, what has happened within the space of one year will shock you mummy. I know u can never forsake us for one day if u were alive, mummy , your daughter cries almost every day for your motherly love, sweet mummy I want to write more .
Mummy, the neglect your grandchildren and I face wouldn’t have happened if u were here, your role is missing, I have tried to find u in many, I have struggled, I have cried bitterly, but now I realise my mother is my mother, no one but u. Mummy, this tears …
My irreplaceable mummy, alot I have to say, alot i have said out loudly in tears believing u heard all. sweet mummy I want to write more , u know I express my self better in written words, but the tears in my eyes as I write has made my vision blurry… your dearest husband misses u still, my sis n brothers miss u , your grand children miss u, your son n daughter in laws miss u, your brothers n sisters miss u, your friends/ neighbors miss u, the widows and old people u used to bless miss u, the children Church department miss u,the Church of God miss u, I MISS YOU and I 💜 u iya mi , mama Oluwabukola owon 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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