‘I’m ready for marriage; I want a tall, dark, handsome man’ – Peju Johnson

Peju Johnson, a Nollywood actress, has stated that she is anxious to settle down as soon as feasible.
Peju Johnson also said in a recent interview with The Sun that raising a family is one of her top priorities for 2022, as well as her expectations from the guy of her dreams.

“I am looking forward to a better life and future in 2022.” I want to be able to realize my ambitions. Someone’s son locating me, settling down, and starting a family. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing everything that’s going on. I’m hoping for my wedding bells to ring soon since I really want it. However, there is no pressure from my family for me to marry. My mother, on the other hand, is a really caring and understanding woman. She won’t even try to persuade or hurry me into making a bad decision since she knows that everything happens in God’s time the most important factor is timing. She does inquire every now and again, but she never presses me to bring a man home,” she explained.

Ms Johnson also revealed her heart’s yearning for the type of man she would like to settle down with.
My partner must be compassionate, romantic, and polite, as well as tall, dark, and gorgeous. Most significantly, he must fear God, because if a man can fear God, the rest will fall into place. Men nowadays have no qualms about speaking about God.
If he doesn’t respect me or other people, I can reject a serious suitor. Men who are impolite irritate me.
Some people call themselves my admirers, yet they want to know what my price is. They want me to spend time with them in exchange for compensation. Some people are sending me naughty pictures. They obviously aren’t my fans. I’m always insecure

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