I’m busier as actor than I was 20 years ago — Veteran Actor, Dele Odule

A veteran actor, Dele Odule, has said he gets more acting gigs now than he used to two decades ago.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he maintained that being talented was the only way for any actor to remain relevant. He said, “My passion for acting has been my drive. It is the reason for my consistency even at 62 years old. I have been so passionate about the profession from inception, and I have always been content with whatever I get from acting.

I give glory to God for keeping me alive and allowing me the opportunity to keep doing what I love doing best. Right now, I feature in more movies than I used to about 20 years ago.

I am presently on the ‘Ile Alayo’, a television series produced by Femi Adebayo for Startimes. That makes it evident that I am still very active in the industry. Movie producers would always want to feature actors that actually have something to offer, hence I am busier than I used to be two decades ago. Unfortunately, many of the new actors don’t have the originality and ingenuity required for acting. There are very few people who are original and also know the nitty-gritty of acting. I advise younger people coming into the industry to take the job as a serious profession, rather than what they can use to mark time. They also have to be disciplined, and acquire theatre education and orientation. Unfortunately, many of the young people out there are not disciplined. They are more concerned about the money they can make from acting, not the passion that should be given to the profession.”

Odule also stated that many young people in the industry were being carried away by social media followership and frenzy. He said, “Inasmuch as I agree that social media has contributed immensely to the growth of the entertainment industry, it has also affected the profession negatively. Many young entertainers get carried away by the large followership they have and the attention they get on social media. Their followers don’t tell them the truth, as they embrace the junk churned out by these young actors.

People now celebrate mediocrity, although many would not agree that they are mediocre. Unfortunately, many of those who have genuine interest in the job are not making as much money as the indifferent ones who are just into acting to show off.

A real theatre arts practitioner would not go on social media to post irrelevant videos or pictures because they are supposed to be role models. Serious-minded entertainers use their social media pages for important things, not frivolities.”

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