I’ll not leave my man because of cheating –Actress Nkechi Blessing warns homebreakers

Nkechi Blessing Sunday has maintained that she is not the type that would quit her relationship due to infidelity, rather she would stay back and fight for what she loves.

In an interview with Saturday Sun, the curvy actress said, “First of all, God won’t give me a cheating partner and if eventually, he cheats, it is never enough for me to leave my marriage. I do not support cheating because no woman wants to share her husband but these are things that one cannot control. Men are polygamous in nature. If I see signs, I would have a heart-to-heart talk with him and also adjust my ways. I know humans cannot be satisfied but I have to keep doing my best. There are a lot of attractive females everywhere, so it takes the grace of God for a man to stay faithful to a woman. However, The only time I will pack my load and leave is when a man hits me.”

Nkechi Blessing who has recently been flaunting her man on social media, says she is not scared of ‘home breakers’ because they both have no skeleton in their cupboards.

“Afraid of homewreckers? Never. Let them come and break us now. Is that how easy it is to break home? Well, we both don’t have skeletons in our cupboard that’s why we are simply doing us and minding our business. Instagram or social media doesn’t scatter relationships, it’s the lies that partners tell themselves that scatter it. Diggers can dig all they want, we have no nothing to hide.”

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