‘I’ll be contesting as President of Nigeria soon’ – Actor Hanks Anuku says, dismisses mental illness

Famous veteran actor Hanks Anuku has assured Nigerians he is indeed Okay and may contest for the number one office in Nigeria; Which is the President.

The controversial actor was reacting to the viral videos of himself looking unkempt and roaming the streets in Asaba and Benin City.

Hanks Anuku also said that nothing was wrong with him and that he was doing just fine.

Speaking on Friday, the actor said he is not what people think he is.

“I will never be what they say I am because I am more significant than that. I am in Asaba at the moment, and I’m doing ok.

“I am alive, sane, strong, blessed and wealthy. I will be contesting as President of Nigeria,” he said.

When asked what political party he would align with, his close associate, Nonso Ofole, said, “We’ll announce that in due course in the appropriate dispensation. For now, we’re rooting for Peter Obi’s presidency”.

The actor cannot, however, contest for president in this dispensation as the deadline for parties to choose their candidates has passed.

Nollynaijanews had earlier reported that Nollywood actress Iheme Nancy confirmed the deteriorating mental condition of Hanks Anuku.

On a lengthy post on her verified Instagram page on Tuesday night, Iheme slammed her senior colleague, Shan George for covering it up when a video of him went viral on Monday.

The filmmaker revealed that she has been trying to keep calm and mind her business since the news broke out, but her conscience wouldn’t let her be.

She confirmed that Anukus’ condition isn’t a secret to most Asaba resident and actors as many have seen him in different odd locations looking unkempt.

Iheme recalled an encounter she had with the actor at a restaurant where he almost beat her up for no reason.

She wrote: “I have been trying to keep calm and mind my business since yesterday but my conscience wouldn’t let me, this disturbing video of Legendary Uncle Hanks Anuku surfaced on internet which is true, which is his reality @shangeorgefilms came out to debunk it instead of letting him get the help he needs atlast, instead of allowing people help him you cancelled a truth. Why na? Uncle Hanks condition is not a secret to any Asaba based actor neither is it to most Asaba resident as most people have seen him in different odd locations in abnormal state.

Personally I have had an encounter with him at 1side bar where I normally buy fish pepper soup whenever I’m in Asaba, this incident happened last month on the 27th of October, where he almost beat me up for no reason, he said some hurting words to me and @ujunwa_aninneji but we kept calm because he wasn’t himself, from that day I prayed he could get help and finally yesterday that God was about to answer that prayer, you stopped it for reasons best known to you. Drinking to stupor, walking around Asaba is not new. Pls this post is to plead to well meaning Nigerians. Hanks Anuku needs help”.

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