If you are a true Christian, go read the Quran; most Muslims that I know, know Bible—HRH Benjamin

In an interview with the Arise News, Dein of Agor, HRM. Benjamin Ikenchukwu, said that those who are true Christians should read the Quran and that most Muslims he knows, know the Bible.

HRM Benjamin made the statement when he was speaking on what he would like to see played out among Nigerians as we go into the 2023 presidential election.

HRM Benjamin began by asking, When are we going to start respecting ourselves? We can’t go to England and America and suddenly become perfect citizens, but in the same country that we call home, we get back on the plane, and as soon as we get to the airport, we start insulting and berating each other.

He said what we need in Nigeria is peace and solidarity among ourselves.

HRM Benjamin said that he is learning to pray as a Muslim because he must respect his Muslim brothers because what we need is peace.

” If you are a true Christian, go and read the Quran. Almost all the Muslims that I do know, know the Christian Bible better than some of us as a Christians.

HRM Benjamin then said that we should be tolerant of ourselves. He said the Quran said both Christians and Muslims go to heaven, so anybody preaching violence from Islam is not from Islam because it’s a religion of peace, and we have also seen Christianity as religion of love.

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