If not that my family plays a very crucial role Celestial Church, I would have crushed them

Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin has said if not that the Anjorin’s family played a vital role in establishing the Celestial Church of Christ, she would have crushed the entire congregation.

News reported earlier that Lizzy Anjorin come after the white garment churches, Celestians and Cherubims, saying the congregations are full of hypocrisy and bad people.

Lizzy Anjorin stated this during her face-off with a member of the white church, Tosin Stargirl who is a Facebook blogger. she claims that Tosin has been calling out innocent people, releasing the n@de photo on social media.

In another twist, Lizzy Anjorin those criticizing that she abuses the Celestial Church didn’t know what they are saying because she would have crushed them if they not that her family hold a strong pillar in the church.

There is no way you will mention Cele without calling Anjorin, there is no way you will count the pillars of Cele without mentioning Anjorin, go and confirm.

If not that because my family plays a very crucial role I would have crushed Cele, I would have to drag them and do the worst.

Currently am doing Islam, if you don’t respect my religion, I won’t respect your religion.

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