I Turned 78 But I was not happy with the situation of this country: Nollywood Actress Mama Rainbow Revealed

When veteran actress and multi brand ambassador Mama Rainbow turned 78 earlier this month, she marked it by releasing some gorgeous photos of herself.

Mama Rainbow channeled her inner 30 year in the birthday photo shoot and it thrilled her fans.

“It is the handwork of Tiannah, Toyin Lawani in Lekki and she did not collect any money from me. All the clothes she sews, all the hair, all the make-up. She said her Cameraman doesn’t joke with his money but for me; he refused to collect money. All of them did it for me free of charge, I really appreciate them.” Mama Rainbow gushed about the shoot.

The actress, Mama Rainbow has now revealed many things that made her unhappy on the day she turned 78.

“Though, I thank God that I witnessed another year but I’m not happy.It’s the situation of the country. Nigeria is not peaceful. It’s not all the people that I invited that came and those that could make it did not spend up to 5min, why? Because they left their homes at 9 am they didn’t get to my place until 9 pm, so, they couldn’t stay long because they don’t know what they will face again. What is happening outside now is not easy, and it’s all our responsibility to make sure that everything is back to normal. This is the time for us to fight.

I don’t blame those youths God is solidly behind them, that is why you see them coming out in numbers. We are suffering in this country. There is no work. There is no salary. Parents couldn’t afford their children’s school fees. Tenants can’t pay Landlord. There is no food. What is our offence? What kind of life is this? I want everybody to listen to my New CD “Fellow Nigerians” It is prophetic and it’s happening already.

On my birthday, I cooked to serve Mallams and beggars at Berger, and a man that was corporately dressed in a suit approached me. I told him this is for beggars and he said he’s also a beggar, that he wore the suit to go to a nearby church to ask for alms.

He said he has not eaten with his family for 2 days now. I had to give him food for all his family. The same thing today, we decided to cook for the less privileged, but we ended up given the privileged, people we assumed are okay. People are suffering. Some of us are suffering and smiling. In some family now, it’s the wife that is taking care of the family, why? because the husband has lost his job. And we have people that are embezzling our money. You see people picking food from the refuse. I’m not happy, I only thank God for sparing my life. Nigeria is not peaceful.

To crown it all, now you are given a self-contained house 45k Nepa bill, how much is the person’s salary? Enough is enough. If not that I’m old I would have carried placard as well, we must put an end to this suffering. Many of the Youths say they are happy to go there because at least they could get something to eat, and they will not steal, don’t. You said there are many Yahoo boys, why won’t they be many when there is no job? Seriously I’m tired. What is our offence? We don’t have leaders. People are suffering. The worst part is that the poor don’t have access to them, they would rather come to us that is suffering like them. When you see people here, you will think they came to meet one millionaire.”

Calling out to the government in a chat with Seye Kehinde, the veteran actress said “We are begging our government to help us. If our youths are well employed they won’t be causing Chaos here and there.

There are graduates among those hoodlums you are seeing out there. Let there be a steady light, without crazy bills. God is on our side in this country, we are the ones destroying ourselves. People in the diaspora till tomorrow will say we have money in Nigeria more than them. Our leaders are not compassionate. They are not merciful. Some of them are inaccessible. It is so sad. I was weeping within me when that man told me he and his family have not eaten in the last 2 days. I just pray God answers on time in this country because it’s getting worse every day.”

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