I Really Don’t Know why you Love me – Bukunmi Adeshina Prasie Nkechi Blessing

Bukunmi Adeshina has taken to social media to praise her colleagues Nkechi Blessing for loving her unconditionally.

Bukunmi Adeshina shares a photo of Nkechi Blessing saying she didn’t know why she love her with she giving her any reason.

Sharing photo of Nkechi Blessing, Bukunmi Adeshina wrote:

I really don’t know why you love me. Not like I gave you any reason to. But You just do effortlessly. Shoutout to the only Brand Influencer I know, that would be recommending another Brand influencer to a company working with her. Still finding some selfless people in a world filled with selfish people, competing with one another everyday, with every single opportunity, is not an easy thing. Whenever you find one, appreciate and celebrate them. @nkechiblessingsunday I SEE YOU BIG SISSY. AND I LOVE YOU TOO. 🥂❤️

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