I own you and I can use you 10 times in a day – Man jokingly tells his wife after she refused to have sex with him (video)

A Nigerian lady has shared a video of her husband jokingly telling her owns her, so she must be ready to have sex with him whenever he desires.

Holding a long list of items he was made to provide and pay during their traditional wedding, the man said he doesn’t owe anyone a dime as about seven departments collected money from him just to marry her.

”I did not owe anybody one dime in this list. Can you see the list? About seven departments collected money from my hand just to marry you and you are telling me you will not go six rounds. I am sorry for you.

I settled all the departments in your village so it means I own you Nne. I can use you ten times a day” he said laughing

Watch the video below

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