I Lost My Mind, It Affected My Career: Funmi Awelewa

Nollywood actress, Funmi Awelewa has shared her not so palatable experiences she had in the last couple of months The actress revealed that taking care of her ailing blind mother has disconnected her from work and other things Awelewa also lamented that she has spent a lot at hospitals and hoped that the mother can see again for at least 5 minutes.

Popular Nollywood actress Funmi Awelewa went emotional in a post on her Instagram page about the ailing health of her mother. The actress lamented about a very tough couple of months in the year 2021 when she had to neglect her acting career and business to focus on the health of her blind mother.

Awelewa revealed that her mother went through a painful period and they were always in and out of hospitals getting drugs.

The actress expressed her love for her dear mother and her entire family as she thanked God her mother made it alive.

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