“I Have Been Battling Depression With My Son, I Cried Almost Every day” Actor Yomi Fabiyi’s Baby Mama

Grace Jimoh, who happens to be the baby mama of actor Yomi Fabiyi, has made a shocking revelation about herself, stating how she has been battling depression with her child and how she cries almost every day. She revealed what transpired between her and her baby daddy that caused their break up and how their relationship led to a misunderstanding between her and her father.

In her long write-up, she revealed that she had been battling depression alone with her son and she had to find a way to get over everything by herself. She revealed that she almost detested her child because her baby daddy said she set him up to get her pregnant. She said she used to have problems when the two of them were staying together, and she used to cry almost everyday.

She said the actor was supposed to act like a man and like her teacher because he is 20 years older than her. According to her, her relationship with the actor was the reason why she had a serious issue with her father, who she said was her provider. She claimed that it was not possible for her to go back to her dad to ask for any favours from him anymore.

See her post below;

She concluded by saying that it is not a must for the two of them to get married. She urged him to be nice to her and her child while stating that she is confused and does not know how to express herself any longer to make him understand how she feels.

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