Nowadays it has become a trend for celebrities to flaunt their acquired wealth on social media, ranging from Cars, houses, Bone Straight (expensive hairs), luxurious wristwatch and what have you. However, for Actress and filmmaker, Amanda Ebeye, she is not of that school of thought due to her upbringing.

She said, “I don’t believe in flaunting wealth. This is as a result of my upbringing and belief system. There are many young people on social media who are influenced by what they see. We that are older and admired (should) stand as teachers to them. Whatever they see out there is what they would copy. Before I take any action, I ask myself, would I want my child to do this? Inasmuch as social media is a blessing, it could also be a curse for many people. This was portrayed in my television series, ‘It’s a Crazy World’. People do all sorts to get ‘likes’ on social media. If you have a beautiful house, I don’t believe you necessarily have to post it on social media. Nigerians have become a lot more vain than what obtained when I was growing up,” she told Saturday Beats in an interview.

When asked which pays her better between being a filmmaker and an actress, she said, “Being a filmmaker pays one more than being an actor because if one is a filmmaker, one is the one employing people. Also, one would ultimately reap the benefits from the project. So, being a filmmaker pays more than being just an actor.”

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