I can’t keep calm anymore-Instagram Comedian Maraji shocks fans, announces pregnancy with baby bump(VIDEO)

Gloria Olorunto aka Maraji, a popular Instagram comedian, startled fans when she announced that she is expecting her first child.
The sketch creator claimed this in a video she released on Instagram on Monday, showing off her baby belly after being off social media for 12 weeks.
My ex dumped me for no apparent reason recently. He appears to have a crush on someone else. Because it happened only last month, it’s been a difficult month. It’s been a difficult month. People have been really supportive of me, sorry, people have been extremely supportive of me, but I recently made a new friend. He’s been there, to be honest.
He’s in India, and I’m in Nigeria, as he constantly refers to me. And it perplexes me why this individual is concerned about my well-being. This is something I believe God has bestowed to me.

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