A Nigeria popular nollywood actor named Taofeek Adewale whose stage name is Digboluja, has cleared the masses notion on the fact that he must have Come from a strong Spiritually inclined family or must have acquired metaphysical Power from a strong Traditionalist In the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria.

He added that he is a wiz being in acting profession and this he noticed at his early stage in life. I have been acting from my tender age. I started with my brother who was already in the Movie industry then. And as well added value to myself by carefully emulating and following my seniors like the Late Arakangudu, Lalude, Dagunro and Yinka Quadri. He specially gave Yinka Quadri an accolade for his great support in making him who he was today. And as well appreciate all his fans home and abroad.

He reiterate again that all the various spiritual role he Digboluja usually act on screen are mere display of talent as Nothing is attached aside from the Living God who is the source of his inspiration in all ramifications.

Looking deeply at his acting skills most especially in the aspect of Conjuration and Incantations recitations. Do you agree with all his claims that he only believed in God alone and that he’s not consulting other spiritual powers to support his profession. Your comment on this will be highly appreciated.

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