This life is not balance! This is the exact word to express what actress Nkechi blessing recently talked about as she revealed her intention to go for a surgery in order to reduce her large backside because of leg pains.

There are many people who are dying to have large backside to the extent of going for several medical procedures to achieve their aim. But, do you know that the exact thing that some people are paying money and risking their lives to get are given to some people free of charge? But they feel like undergoing surgery to reduce it.

Many of the Nigeria celebrities had undergone medical procedures to have a large ‘bum’, the importance of this big backside is yet unknown to many people.

Nkechi Blessing, the endowed Nollywood actress, is presently considering surgery to reduce the size of her backside. According to her, the big ‘bum bum’ is presently given her some leg pains, and she wishes to reduce it and have flat tummy.

Do you realise that the world is not balance now?, because one man’s meat is always another man poison.

Why do ladies undergo surgery to have big backside, mostly the celebrities? What are the benefits for them that at the end they may start having leg pains due to the weight of the bums?

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