How Williams Uchemba Has Transformed After He Stopped Taking The Role Of Kids In Movies

Some famous Nigerian actors started taking roles in movies during their childhood days before they grew to become famous in the industry.

One of the famous Nollywood actors who transformed after they stop taking child roles in movies is Williams Uchemba.

Williams Uchemba started his movie career as a kid, he took multiple roles in blockbuster movies where played characters of a poor child, orphan, and other relevant roles.

He is loved by many movie fans because of the skill and creativity he displays in movies. He featured in over 20 movies where he took the character of a kid.

Today, the Nollywood actor has stopped playing the character of a child in movies as he has transformed into a multi-talented entertainer who not only acts in movies but also makes funny skits as a comedian.

This has transformed him into one of the most talented entertainers in the Nigerian entertainment industry as he has been featured in several blockbuster movies where he shared the screen with some famous Nollywood actors. He has also won multiple awards and recognition.

Williams is currently married and blessed with a child.

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