‘How will a bank hire someone who cannot speak English’ Actress Funke Akindele rain curses on a fraudster (video)

Nollywood actress Funke Akindele has taken to her Instagram story to share her conversation with a compassionate fraudster.

In the video, the fraudster had requested Funke Akindele to give the correct date of birth to enable them to upgrade her bank account as the one in her BVN does not tally with the one on her bank details.

Funke Akindele listened and played along with the fraudster until she lost her cool when the man was repeatedly stammering.

Probing further, Funke Akindele asked which bank he was calling from, and the fraudster responded it was First Bank.

Funke Akindele immediately started raining curses on him and asking why First Bank would hire someone who could not speak good English.

We can hear Funke Akindele and some people sitting around her shouting and raining insults on the man before he ends the call.


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