How Social Media Contributed To The Growth Of 2 Nigerian Celebrities

There are many ways you can show your talent and be recognized. However, social media has proven to be one of the most effective ways to gain popularity.

Recently, social media became the avenue, through which people mostly showcase their talents. In 2021, many people became popular through the use of social media but in this article, I am going to talk about two of them.

People who are conversant with Instagram will definitely not be amazed after seeing this name. The man continues to gain more followers everyday and with his funny character, the alleged man of God has been a source of amusement for some people.

According to reports, he started posting his videos on Facebook and people were finding him funny. He then created an Instagram account and is arguably one of the most popular people on the platform currently.

After his recent debacle with the popular dancer Poco Lee, Portable needs no further introduction. He came into limelight after consistently posting videos on Instagram.

He is currently managed by the popular show promoter, who goes by the name Kogbagidi. The “Zazu Zeh” crooner continues to live his dreams after meeting some of the biggest Nigeria musicians like Wizkid and Olamide. Social media obviously contributed to his celebrity status.

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