How Nollywood Actress, Mide Martins Is Maintaining Her Mother’s Legacy In The Yoruba Movie Industry.

We have several Actresses who have contributed to the growth of the Yoruba Movie Industry, some of these Actresses have sadly passed away but their children are maintaining their legacy in the Movie Industry.

Such is the case of Yoruba Actress, Mide Martins who is maintaining her mother’s legacy in the Yoruba Movie Industry.

Funmi Martins who is the mother of Mide Martins is one of the Actresses who contributed to the growth of the Yoruba Movie Industry. She thrilled us with her unique talent in the 90s and she starred in several Movies before she passed away in 2002.

Although Funmi Martins died several years ago, her daughter named Mide has ventured into the Movie Industry and she is maintaining her mother’s legacy in the Industry.

During an interview, the Actress revealed that she had no interest in Acting when she was younger but she decided to pursue a career in the Movie Industry after her mother passed away.

She revealed that she was determined to become a successful Actress so she ventured into the Industry few years after her Mother’s death. She also stated that she had no acting skills when she started her Acting Career but her determination made it easy for her to become a successful Actress.

Today the Actress has gained recognition in the Country and she has achieved Fame and success in the Movie Industry.

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